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The Lido

Lido San Giovanni is one of the most important beach resorts in Puglia. It is located in the south of the town of Gallipoli and connects the seafront Galileo Galilei to the main beaches and to the nightlife.
Renovated and modernized in the 2000s it includes several services as holiday houses, private beach, restaurant, pizzeria, bar and a large recreation room called Rotonda which, for its particular circular shape, can accommodate various events (meetings, conferences and music concerts).
In the north of the venue (the so-called "Torre area" for its proximity to the historic Torre San Giovanni) the changing rooms of the beach run across the whole length of the beach where there is also a building consisting of two-room and three-room apartments, a second entry to the beach resort and a square where there is a small marina and a bar called “Moletto”.
In the Central area there are the “Rotonda”, offices, bar, different restaurant services and the studio apartments, arranged on two floors.
In the southern area, there are two other buildings, which include the three-room apartments.
All the buildings are located on a private beach within the structure, and each house is equipped with furnishing and basic services to enjoy your holiday with light-heartedness in contact with fine sand and clear waters of the Ionian sea.



To access the structure, an entrance ticket is required, with which you have the right to use the internal services of the same, such as: uncovered and unattended parking until exhaustion, use of wi-fi, cold showers, foot washer, catering services.
The umbrellas in high season (July and August) are only available with the use of the cabin.
The changing room can be occupied by a maximum of 5 people.
Changing room subscriptions in high season are not available between the months of July and August but only in the respective calendar months (fortnightly passes are not available in August but only monthly).
The check-in of the changing room, with the delivery of the key, is scheduled from 9:00 on the first day of subscription; check-out, with the return of the key, is scheduled by 8:30 on the day of expiry or by 20:00 on the previous day.
The entrance cards are exclusively reserved for to changing room subscriptions, for a maximum number of 4 people.
The front row umbrella is only available for subscriptions over a month.
The low season includes the months of June and September, the high season July and the highest season August.
The above rates are inclusive of VAT.

Lido San Giovanni

The Lido San Giovanni is one of the most important Beach Resorts of the Puglia in the South of Italy. The structure, built in the 60s, includes several changing rooms and apartments located on the private beach, divided into studio flats, two-rooms and three-rooms as well as several food services and two bars.


  • Lungomare G. Galilei,
       73014 Gallipoli, LE
  • Phone: +39 0833 292634
        Fax: +39 0833 292636
  • Email: